Managed Security Services Protecting Your Organization

24/7 Managed SOC Services by BriteProtect

Improve MTTD & MTTR

Leverage Existing Tool Investments

Reduce Complexity & Cost

24/7 Security Monitoring & Analysis

Cyberattacks are not limited to business hours. Let the BriteProtect managed security services team be your 24/7/365 proactive line of defense.

Robust Assessments & Reporting

Whether it is a baseline assessment or a continuous progress report, BriteProtect Analysts document the current security posture and map ways to improve it. 

Reliable Automations & Playbooks

Time is of the essence in any security incident. BriteProtect utilizes appropriate, customer approved automations alongside proven playbooks to quickly stop attackers in their tracks.

Truly Co-Managed Platform

Our completely co-managed, web based platform provides the same in-depth views, interactive dashboards and analytical tools used by our analysts.

Leading CISOs are saying...

75% of Tools are Failing

70% Experience Data & Alert Fatigue

75% Face a People & Skill Gap

BriteProtect addresses these challenges with a comprehensive managed security services offering. Offload tactical elements of protecting an organization to a talented, multi-disciplined team.

Customer Success Stories

The Ultimate Guide to Cybersecurity Assessments Cover

Start Your Managed Security Services Journey with a Guide to Cybersecurity Assessments

The Foundation of BriteProtect's Managed Security Services

Brilliant People

Talented, Reliable & Consistent

Maintaining consistent cybersecurity talent is a challenge facing nearly every organization. The constant cycle of recruitment, onboarding and training is exhausting and detracts from strategic initiatives.

BriteProtect’s managed security services break that cycle by providing a diverse and talented team of all us-based cybersecurity professionals for 24/7 alert monitoring and response. Each client is with matched with a dedicated Strategic Technical Consultant who acts as an internal expert to ensure consistency. Additionally, an active on-going recruitment and training cycle removes the challenge of IT staffing.

Innovative Process

Accurate, Effective & Efficient

You have ample tools and information, but is it effectively being utilized to protect your organization? Many organizations fall victim to not having constant and documented steps in place to properly analyze and respond.

With proven process comes both proactive protection alongside rapid detection and response. The Brite team has built out a highly developed process including customizable playbook, accurate and effective automation and rapid triage married with threat intelligence feeds and personal risk management information. Take the legwork out of process development and utilize an advanced and proven process. 

AI-Powered Technology

Industry-Leading, Innovative, Proven

Not all tools are created equally. You have taken time to carefully select your technology stack. Your managed security services provider should do the same.

BriteProtect integrates all of your existing tool investments to realize their full value. Additionally, all tools utilized in the BriteProtect managed security services technology stack are from innovative, industry-leading organization like, Palo Alto, SentinelOne and Stellar Cyber. Gain the value without the need of management or acquisition costs. 

Managed Security Services Supported By BriteProtect

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