Rekor: The Only LPR Solution with Over 99% Accuracy

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and ALPR to Accelerate Investigations

With over 15 years of License Plate Recognition experience, Brite is pleased to offer the most innovative technology in the market, Rekor Scout.

Rekor is the most accurate automatic license plate and vehicle recognition platform on the market.  By utilizing nearly any IP connected camera and an AI-enable backend system, Rekor goes beyond license plate recognition with over 99% accuracy and also identifies vehicle color, make, model, issuing state and direction of travel.

Rekor System Components

Rekor Scout Interface

Scout - Vehicle Recognition Software

Hosted in the cloud or on-premise, the Rekor Scout software is the most advanced LPR software available. Using Artificial Intelligence, the software recognizes plates and the characters over 99% of the time.  The Scout interface also provides extensive analytical tools to help generate leads.

  • Retrieve plate, color, make/model
  • Unlimited users for dashboard
  • Connect to NCIC lists
  • Unlimited hotlisted plates for alerting
  • Flexible data retention
  • Share data with neighboring agencies
Rekor Edge Camera

Edge – Fixed Vehicle Recognition Cameras

The Edge camera kits can capture plates in up to 3 lanes and in “non-ideal” conditions. This has proven to be more cost effective than purpose built LPR camera hardware.

  • 120 mph max capture speed
  • 3-4 lanes, 300ft max range (solutions available for 1-2 lanes and extreme lanes/distance)
  • 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet connectivity
  • Solar or direct power options
  • Customizable color options
  • Full repair/replace warranty available
  • Includes Scout subscription
Rekor Finder

Finder – Mobile Vehicle Recognition Cameras

Finder transforms a standard vehicle into an automatic license plate recognition system. The kit includes two cameras and a secondary screen, or the software can run through the MDT.

  • 50 ft capture distance at 1MP resolution
  • Closing speed of up to 120 mph
  • 1280×720 HD Video at 25/30 FPS
  • 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and GPS enabled
  • Low profile interior mount
  • Full repair/replace warranty available
  • Includes Scout subscription

Speed Trailer – Portable ALPR and Speed Detection

Rekor’s Speed Trailer combine’s the power of Rekor’s automated vehicle and license plate recognition technology with radar speed detection in a ready to deploy solution.

  • Retrieve plate, color, make/model
  • Accurate in day/night and all-weather conditions
  • 120 mph max capture speed
  • 4G FirstNet ready wireless modem
  • 300w solar array and up to 15-day battery backup
  • DOT approved construction and design


Westchester County Use Case

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